Hi I'm Chris

An obsessive tinkerer and problem solver, I've spent a decade vertically integrating my skills as a maker in Vancouver, Shanghai and New York City creating luxury homes, major corporate offices, buildings, digital and physical products, furniture, and fashion.

Driven by a curious enthusiasm for things, ideas and people, I operated thesis corp, a residential design + build studio, toured as a punk-rock bassist with two EP's, build and race motorcycles, flew Cessna's for a few years, and launched thesis labs, an award-winning PPE/ motorcycle tech-wear brand as an entrepreneurial product developer.

Currently I'm living in San Francisco, connecting the dots between my educational backgrounds in Design, Marketing, and Computer Science, as I further explore the mediums of software engineering and web development.

Join me as I continue my passion for working with amazing people to build beautiful things, to create the awesome, useful commercial projects I've always imagined.

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